Association for the Treatment of
Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity


Support for partners

Discovering your husband/wife/partner is struggling with sexually compulsive behaviour can evoke powerful feelings, including shock, rage, betrayal and hopelessness.


The consequences of ‘out of control’ sexual behaviour can impact negatively on couple and family relationships, and can affect finances, sexuality, social life, and parenting.


Questions partners often ask include:

  • ‘How come I didn’t realise?’
  • ‘Why does he/she prefer Internet images/chatting/prostitutes to me?'
  • ‘Who do I talk to?’
  • ‘Will I ever trust again?’
  • ‘Shall I stay or go?’


You may find yourself becoming over-involved, or even obsessed, with your partner’s behaviour. Help and support include ‘letting go’ of responsibility for someone else’s difficulties and choices, and learning ways to improve self-care and esteem. Individual therapy and support groups can enable you to cope and heal.


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