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Simon Draycott

Simon qualified as a Chartered Counselling Psychologist with Regent’s University in 2008 and currently works in private practice.

As well as sex addiction, Simon works with work-related issues, couples relationships and HIV. He has worked for many years with the Terrence Higgins Trust as both a counsellor and trainer.

Simon originally trained as a Business Psychologist and continues to work with organisations to look at issues of talent identification and development and behavioural change.

Simon trained in the field of sex addiction with ATSAC and joined the Board of Trustees in 2014 and is the ATSAC Chairman.



Ian Baker

Working as psychosexual therapist at Relate, Ian was drawn into studying and qualifying as a sex addiction therapist. It is an area he finds rewarding whilst challenging. He finds his work draws upon his training in relational therapy as well, to help individuals and partners deal with the impact of sexual addiction(s). Having worked at Relate and previously with charities focused on domestic violence and childhood sexual abuse, he now solely works in private practice.  Ian was previously a founding trustee of the Counselling in Prisons Network and before embarking on a career as a counsellor he worked overseas for two voluntary organisations in South America on research projects. Before volunteering, he worked in finance where he was involved in identifying and promoting companies to professional investors, becoming proficient in analysing report and accounts, business models and cash flows. Ian is Vice Chair of ATSAC. 


Sue Maxwell

Sue is a sexual addiction therapist, primarily working in Edinburgh.









Paul Tidy

Paul is a sex addiction therapist, primarily working in the Manchester and Preston area.

Paul is a Counselling Psychologist in training. His interest for research and clinical practise focuses on sex addiction, sexual dysfunctions and couple relationships.









Cecily Criminale

Cecily is a psychotherapeutic counsellor working with clients seeking support with compulsive behaviours around sex, love, and romance.  She began her career as a sexuality educator, and also worked for the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS). Her interest in the neuroscience of compulsive sexual behaviour was sparked while at Rutgers University and continues today.   Cecily has published in the fields of neuroscience and sexuality, including being a contributing author to “All About Sex: A Family Resource of Sex and Sexuality”. 





Stephen Higgins 

Stephen is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and currently works in both NHS and private practice. Stephen works across sexual health, HIV and services for people living with long term medical conditions in the NHS. He also works privately with people experiencing difficulties with substance and behavioural addictions. Stephen’s interest in sexual addiction developed from his NHS work and the increasing numbers of people requesting support around chemsex concerns as well as porn and sex addiction.





Barbara Wallace

Barbara studied with Relate to become a qualified psychosexual and relationship therapist in 2008.  She became interested in sex addiction and the impact this can have on individuals, couples and families. 

She now specialises in sex addiction and works in private practice in Wilmslow Cheshire and finds the work challenging and rewarding.

Previously, Barbara worked within the NHS in various roles of Management including primary care.



Bill Brind

Bill is a qualified psychosexual psychotherapist with 30 years clinical experience working with couples and individuals presenting with sexual and relationship issues

Bill’s core professional background was in general and adult mental health nursing (Registered Nurse). He gained his Diploma in Human Sexuality in 1990, prior to that, he was an honorary therapist with the Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy Service at the Maudsley and Kings College Hospitals, London.

Before retiring from the NHS, Bill’s last full-time post was within an adult mental health Trust as lead psychosexual psychotherapist and the Trust’s ‘designated non-medic specialist’ in gender dysphoria. He also has clinical experience working with men who have sex with men in public sex environments (cruising, cottaging).  In 2015 he was awarded the Professional Certificate in Sexual Addiction by ATSAC (Association for the Treatment of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity; London). Bill retired from the NHS in 2012 but continues his private practice in Manningtree, Essex a few days a week.

Stephanie Palin


ATSAC Trustee. 


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